It all began with a trip. In Spring 2015, Tanzania was the last stop of our six week round the world journey. We used the extended stay in Arusha, close to Kilimanjaro, to explore the area. Accompanied by our guide Faraja Meliari, the organiser of a local social cultural tourism project, we got to know the family circumstances of those living around Arusha and realised even in state schools they were lacking the basics. It had been our intention for a long time to start an aid project helping children and youths in deprived circumstances gain or improve access to school education. Now it was clear we wanted to act.

In December 2016, with the help of friends, we founded the Kioga Education Project Tanzania association.

The association is based on the idea that education is the only way to escape the poverty trap. Children that are able read, write and do arithmetic later on find a job or go on to higher education.

They become doctors, engineers or lawyers and actively determine the future of their country, for themselves and their fellow citizens.

The general declaration of human rights states in paragraph 26 that every human being has the right to education. This statement unfortunately stands at odds with the harsh realities of a lack of education, poverty and child labour.

With the association we want to make a contribution in order that education is no longer a privilege, but is made available to as many children as possible in and around Kioga.


Ich willige in die Verarbeitung gem. Verordnung 2016/679 ein.

Ja, ich möchte Mitglied werden!