Benefiz Konzert Kioga Education


In December 2016, with the help of friends, we founded the Kioga Education Project Tanzania association.
The association is based on the idea that education is the only way to escape the poverty trap.
Children that are able read, write and do arithmetic later on find a job or go on to higher education.

They become doctors, engineers or lawyers and determine the future of their country.


During our fact finding tour around Arusha we visited the Kioga Primary school, and what we saw there really affected us. Here the basics are lacking: some of the children sit on the earthen floor as there are not enough benches. The windows lack glazing, not to mention the state of the sanitary facilities.

The Kioga Primary School has nearly 1,300 pupils, with many of them also living in the orphanage belonging to the school.


100% of your donation is passed on!

Donors supporting our aid project are guaranteed that 100% of their donations are passed on. We welcome all forms of donations, no matter how small or large. Individual as well as monthly standing donations are both possible.